City and mine of Kiruna (Giron) in the Swedish Lapland. 




We support your project throughout the project lifecycle, from exploration to project development to mine operation and eventually closure or any individual phase in between:

  • Project management

  • Strategic permit roadmap planning & overseeing

  • EIA, environmental permits, other permits

  • Stakeholder communications and engagement

  • Consulting studies on geology & environment

  • Technical studies from PEA to DFS

  • Due diligence

  • ESG advisory

  • Mineral intelligence 


We guide you through the scrub of permits as well as necessary policies, protocols and procedures much improving the chances for successfull permitting and SLO.  Our special strengths are:

  • We are local and know the local people and circumstances

  • We have vast experience of projects with successfull permitting and operations

  • We know geology and understand the nature and principles of exploration and mining business

  • Capability to manage and coordinate complex and multidisciplinary studies and teams

  • Unrivalled flexible network of co-operation partners with whom we can handle any project to the extent needed



We work for wide range of clientele, including for example:

  • Exploration companies

  • Mining companies

  • Engineering companies

  • Consultants

  • Law firms

  • Government institutions

  • Investors and associated service providers


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We are small, agile, specialized environmental consulting company, based at the Arctic circle city of Rovaniemi. Like our namesake, small but hardy arctic bird, we get along in the toughest permitting environments and challenging terrains with complex environmental issues to be solved and managed. Commodities and hence mining are necessary for the society to function. Unfortunately mining also can have a detrimental environmental impact. With best practices the downside risks can be minimized while enabling the positive cashflow and beneficial effects to the society.

We are the only environmental consultancy in Finland working solely in the field of exploration and mining industry. This gives us the cutting edge amongst our peers.

Small as we are, we are well networked and capable to co-operate with all the best industry experts, tailored for your needs. We work to maximize the ESG performance of our Client's projects, for the common benefit of the companies and their stakeholders.

Extensive professional network is one of our main assets and fundamental part of our company way of work. More about our purpose statement here. 


Giron Consulting, Rovaniemi, Finland

pekka(at)  Tel: +358 50 300 5633

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