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We are easygoing persons but somewhat modest and try not to keep too much fuss on ourselves. So you won't find full biographies here, just short introductions below. You will get better understanding of our background and expertise from the Services and Experience pages. We are eager to meet you and discuss further about your project.

Having introduced ourselves, see our purpose statement:

We work for continuous sustainability improvement of the Finnish Exploration and Mining industry. For us sustainability means all the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

Our slogan is "Dans le giron des professionnels" that roughly translates into English as "in the care of professionals".


No company can do the same as the best companies and experts together. Besides our special expertise, our main assets are our flexible business model and professional network. Nobody has better Finnish professional network (with international spice) on this field, nor similar ability to combine these into well functioning teams with cost-effective way. Contact us to learn more. Check also some of our partners we regularly work with on the bottom of the page. 

We also aim to increase general awareness and understanding about the necessity of sustainable mining industry. The world increasingly needs minerals and metals but we must be able to exploit these resources on sustainable way and with continuous environmental performance improvement. This can be done together! Find out more thoughts on this topic in the Media page.

Pekka Tuomela, CEO
Principal consultant
  • LinkedIn

Est' 1977

Master of Science, Geology. University of Oulu

Earlier career at Geological survey of Finland (GTK), AFRY (Pöyry) and Elementis (Mondo Minerals)


  +358 50 300 5633
Maarit Tuomela

Est' 1977

Master of Science, Environmental Sciences. University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio

Earlier career at Metsä Board Oyj (M-Real)

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